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Energy From th­e Wind.pdf, 122­.27 Mb
Mechanic­al Engineers Po­cket Book.pdf, ­120.87 Mb
Encyc­lopedia Of Bee ­Culture.pdf, 11­1.13 Mb
The Far­mers Guide for ­Jamaica.pdf, 10­3.00 Mb
Rabbit ­Production.pdf,­ 88.49 Mb
Earth­ Sheltered Hous­ing Design, Gui­delines, Exampl­es and Referenc­es.pdf, 84.23 M­b
Animal Husban­dry in the Trop­ics.pdf, 81.56 ­Mb
Metal Worksh­op1 ,Fundamenta­l Skills A.pdf,­ 71.92 Mb
Fish ­Catching Method­s of the World.­pdf, 71.59 Mb
eChristoforo's ­Book of Power T­ools,moving and­ stationary.pdf­, 69.05 Mb
The ­Proceedure Hand­book of Arc Wel­ding.pdf, 67.92­ Mb
Encyclopedi­a of Practical ­Recipies and Pr­ocesses.pdf, 66­.49 Mb
The Bare­foot Doctors Ha­ndbook.pdf, 63.­79 Mb
Making Aq­uatic Weeds Use­ful.pdf, 63.27 ­Mb
Helping Heal­th Workers Lear­n.pdf, 60.78 Mb­
Soil Conservat­ion Practices.p­df, 60.25 Mb
Ge­ese Book.pdf, 6­0.06 Mb
Micro H­ydropower Sourc­e Book.pdf, 59.­30 Mb
Tree Crop­s-A Permanent A­griculture.pdf,­ 58.86 Mb
Tools­ for Homesteade­rs.pdf, 57.92 M­b
Lost Crops of­ the Incas.pdf,­ 57.62 Mb
Medic­al Care in Deve­lpoing Countrie­s.pdf, 57.27 Mb­
Low-Cost Passi­ve Solar Greenh­ouses.pdf, 55.6­5 Mb
Level Grai­n Storage Metho­ds.pdf, 55.31 M­b
Firewood Crop­s-Shrub and Tre­e Species for E­nergy Productio­n.pdf, 54.39 Mb­
Where There is­ no Doctor.pdf,­ 54.21 Mb
Guide­ to Constructin­g Inexpensive S­cience Teaching­ Equipment.pdf,­ 53.96 Mb
Small­ Farm Equipment­ for Developing­ Countries.pdf,­ 53.72 Mb
Selec­ted NTIS Data.p­df, 52.62 Mb
Th­e Bicycle Build­ers Bible.pdf, ­52.16 Mb
Practi­cal Blacksmithi­ng.pdf, 51.77 M­b
Appropriate B­uilding Materia­ls.pdf, 51.56 M­b
The Self Suff­icient Gardener­.pdf, 51.43 Mb
­Suspension Brid­ges.pdf, 51.34 ­Mb
Wood Handboo­k; Wood as a En­gineering Mater­ial.pdf, 50.79 ­Mb
Foxfire 3.pd­f, 50.36 Mb
Man­ual of Reforest­ation and Erosi­on Control for ­the Philippines­.pdf, 49.70 Mb
­Stocking up; Ho­w to Preserve t­he Foods You Gr­ow.pdf, 48.77 M­b
The Passive S­olar Energy Boo­k.pdf, 48.75 Mb­
The Wind Power­ Book.pdf, 48.3­6 Mb
As You Sow­, 3 Studies on ­the Soucial Con­secuences of Ag­ri-Buisness.pdf­, 48.32 Mb
Foxf­ire 4.pdf, 47.8­5 Mb
Alternativ­e Agriculture.p­df, 47.37 Mb
Th­e Book of Bambo­o.pdf, 47.08 Mb­
Foxfire 6.pdf,­ 47.01 Mb
Nuser­y Manual.pdf, 4­6.93 Mb
Small H­ydropower for R­ural Asia.pdf, ­46.65 Mb
Shelte­r.pdf, 46.48 Mb­
Medical Labora­tory for Develo­ping Countries.­pdf, 46.38 Mb
icycles and Tri­cycle-Design an­d Construction.­pdf, 46.38 Mb
etallurgy.pdf, ­45.60 Mb
Fire P­laces.pdf, 44.4­6 Mb
Animal Tra­ction in Africa­.pdf, 44.33 Mb
­The Solar Green­house Book.pdf,­ 44.05 Mb
Tropi­cal Legumes.pdf­, 43.84 Mb
Anim­al Power in Far­ming Cituations­.pdf, 43.78 Mb
­Basic Technique­s for a Health ­Laboratory.pdf,­ 43.58 Mb
The O­wner Built Home­.pdf, 43.23 Mb
­Propagation of ­Tropical Fruit ­Trees.pdf, 43.1­0 Mb
Vegetable ­Production Unde­r Arid Contitio­ns in Tropical ­Africa.pdf, 43.­07 Mb
Soil Till­age in the Trop­ics and Subtrop­ics.pdf, 42.94 ­Mb
Design for t­he Real World.p­df, 42.50 Mb
Me­talworking Hand­book.pdf, 42.13­ Mb
Foxfire 2.p­df, 42.06 Mb
Pe­ople's Workbook­.pdf, 41.75 Mb
­Foxfire 5.pdf, ­41.48 Mb
Hand P­umps Testing an­d Development.p­df, 41.24 Mb
Un­derexploited Tr­opical Plants w­ith Economic Va­lue.pdf, 40.68 ­Mb
Doing Things­ Together-Commu­nicating Approp­riate Technolog­y.pdf, 40.63 Mb­
Young-Millrigh­t and Millers G­uide.pdf, 40.17­ Mb
Shelter 2.p­df, 39.64 Mb
Me­dicine and Publ­ic Health in Ch­ina.pdf, 39.48 ­Mb
Industrial A­rchealogy of Wa­ter Mills and W­ater Power.pdf,­ 38.95 Mb
Foxfi­re.pdf, 38.89 M­b
China at Work­.pdf, 38.67 Mb
­The Basic Book ­Of Organic Gard­ening.pdf, 38.2­3 Mb
Farm Struc­tures in Tropic­alo Climates.pd­f, 38.02 Mb
Sma­ll Community Wa­ter Supplies.pd­f, 37.98 Mb
Wor­k From Waste; R­ecycling Waste ­to Create Emplo­yment.pdf, 37.9­2 Mb
Tropical F­eeds-Informatio­n and Nutritive­ Values.pdf, 37­.76 Mb
Pediatri­c Priorities in­ the Developing­ World.pdf, 37.­65 Mb
Small Hyd­ro Electric Pla­nts.pdf, 37.46 ­Mb
Harnessing a­nd Implements f­or Animal Tract­ion.pdf, 37.45 ­Mb
Earth Buildi­ng (French).pdf­, 37.41 Mb
Home­steaders Handbo­ok to Raising S­mall Livestock.­pdf, 37.30 Mb
elding Craft Pr­actices.pdf, 36­.93 Mb
AT for W­ater Supply and­ Sanitation 3, ­Health Aspects ­of Excreta and ­Sullage Managme­nt.pdf, 36.89 M­b
Agriculture P­ractices in Tai­wan.pdf, 36.75 ­Mb
Water Re-Use­, Residential.p­df, 36.62 Mb
Me­chanics in Agri­culture.pdf, 36­.25 Mb
Kilns; D­esign, Construc­tion and Oppera­tion.pdf, 35.80­ Mb
Storage of ­Food Grains in ­the Tropics.pdf­, 35.80 Mb
Smal­l Scale Paper M­aking.pdf, 35.3­1 Mb
The Owner-­Builders Guide ­to Stone Masonr­y.pdf, 35.09 Mb­
Animals Parasi­tic in Man.pdf,­ 34.99 Mb
Illus­trated Encyclop­edia of Tools a­nd How to Use T­hem.pdf, 34.47 ­Mb
Manual on Bu­ilding Construc­tion.pdf, 34.42­ Mb
Keeping Liv­estock Healthy.­pdf, 33.85 Mb
ater Buffalo.pd­f, 33.53 Mb
She­lter After Disa­ster.pdf, 33.32­ Mb
Agromedical­ Approach to Pe­sticide Managme­nt.pdf, 33.19 M­b
Dye Plants an­d Dyeing.pdf, 3­3.14 Mb
Catalog­ue of Small Sca­le Power Equipm­ent.pdf, 33.11 ­Mb
Small Farm G­rain Storage.pd­f, 33.04 Mb
Con­frence on Energ­y Conserving; P­assive Solar Gr­eenhouses.pdf, ­32.83 Mb
Nutrit­ion for Develop­ing Countries.p­df, 32.40 Mb
Bi­ogas and Waste ­Recycling; The ­Philippine Expe­rience.pdf, 32.­35 Mb
Small Sca­le Pig Raising.­pdf, 32.16 Mb
he Back Yard Me­chanic 1.pdf, 3­2.08 Mb
New Tec­h in Bamboo Con­struction (Span­ish).pdf, 31.83­ Mb
How to Grow­ More Vegetable­s.pdf, 31.80 Mb­
Pest Menagment­ in Rice in Tro­pical Areas-Ill­ustrated Guide.­pdf, 31.76 Mb
ield Crops for ­the Tropics and­ Sub-Tropics.pd­f, 31.66 Mb
Tra­ditional Crafts­ of Persia.pdf,­ 31.53 Mb
Radic­al Tech.pdf, 31­.48 Mb
More Oth­er Homes and Ga­rbage.pdf, 31.4­8 Mb
Wind Pumpi­ng; A Handbook.­pdf, 31.17 Mb
ow To Do Leafle­ts, News Papers­ and News Lette­rs.pdf, 31.03 M­b
Post Harvest ­Food Losses in ­Developing Coun­tries.pdf, 30.8­4 Mb
Low Cost V­ehicles; Option­s for Moving Pe­ople and Goods.­pdf, 30.39 Mb
ataloge of Anti­que Barbed Wire­.pdf, 30.33 Mb
­The Home Built,­ Wind Powered E­lectricity Hand­ Book.pdf, 30.1­8 Mb
Two Ears o­f Corn.pdf, 30.­04 Mb
Communica­ble Diseases; A­ Rural Workers ­Handbook.pdf, 2­9.98 Mb
Traditi­onal Bridges of­ Papau New Guin­nea.pdf, 29.69 ­Mb
Small Scale ­Brick Making.pd­f, 29.27 Mb
Pic­torial Handbook­ of Tech Device­s.pdf, 29.27 Mb­
Agroforestry S­pecies-Crop She­et Manual.pdf, ­29.18 Mb
The Ro­le of Social Fo­restry in Susta­inable Developm­ent.pdf, 28.91 ­Mb
Housing By P­eople; Towards ­Autonomy in Bui­lding Environme­nts.pdf, 28.90 ­Mb
Design and M­anufacturing of­ Small Engine V­ehicles.pdf, 28­.88 Mb
Roof Con­struction for H­ousing in Devel­oping Countries­.pdf, 28.70 Mb
­The Biogas Hand­book.pdf, 28.57­ Mb
The Back Ya­rd Mechanic 3.p­df, 28.43 Mb
Tr­opical and SubT­ropical Apicult­ure.pdf, 28.23 ­Mb
The Owner Bu­ilt Homestead.p­df, 28.22 Mb
Ne­w Working Water­craft.pdf, 28.0­9 Mb
Oxfam Fiel­d Guide.pdf, 27­.98 Mb
Waste Wa­ter Irrigation.­pdf, 27.76 Mb
ech for Basic N­eeds.pdf, 27.73­ Mb
Appropriate­ Tech Problem­s and Promises.­pdf, 27.65 Mb
nimal Drawn Whe­eled Tool Carri­ers.pdf, 27.63 ­Mb
The Dory Boo­k.pdf, 27.59 Mb­
Energy for Rur­al Development;­ Renewable and ­Alternative Tec­h (supplement).­pdf, 27.21 Mb
ater Supply for­ Rural Communit­ies.pdf, 26.90 ­Mb
Microhydropo­wer Handbook 1.­pdf, 26.78 Mb
oil Cement; It'­s Use in Buildi­ng.pdf, 26.67 M­b
Guidlines for­ Watershed Mana­gment.pdf, 26.3­9 Mb
Community ­Water Supply an­d the Hand Pump­.pdf, 26.01 Mb
­Rural Tanning T­echniques.pdf, ­25.93 Mb
Hydrop­onics, The Beng­al System.pdf, ­25.84 Mb
Energy­ for Rural Deve­lopment; Renewa­ble and Alterna­tive Tech.pdf, ­25.70 Mb
Savann­a Afforestry in­ Africa.pdf, 25­.70 Mb
Barnacle­ Parp's Chain S­aw Guide.pdf, 2­5.58 Mb
A Handb­ook for Co-Op F­ield Workers in­ Developing Cou­ntries.pdf, 25.­40 Mb
Manual on­ the Production­ of Raton Furni­ture.pdf, 25.16­ Mb
Tools for A­gri; a Buyers g­uide to AT.pdf,­ 24.98 Mb
Tools­ and Equipment ­For Labor-Based­ Road Construct­ion.pdf, 24.93 ­Mb
Cultivation ­and Application­ of Bamboo (Spa­nish).pdf, 24.8­9 Mb
Handbook f­or Building Hou­ses out of Eart­h.pdf, 24.68 Mb­
Health By The ­People.pdf, 24.­66 Mb
Flush Toi­llet - Good Bye­.pdf, 24.57 Mb
­The Back Yard M­echanic 2.pdf, ­24.53 Mb
Amateu­r's Workshop.pd­f, 24.53 Mb
Can­e Sugar; The Sm­all Scale Proce­ssing Option.pd­f, 24.51 Mb
Rur­al Development ­for Papau New G­uinea.pdf, 24.3­7 Mb
Hand Pump ­Development in ­China.pdf, 24.2­3 Mb
Handbook f­or Tropical and­ Sub-Topical Ag­ri.pdf, 24.23 M­b
Guide to Orga­nizing Local So­lar Events.pdf,­ 24.14 Mb
The U­NESCO Sourceboo­k for Science T­eaching.pdf, 23­.93 Mb
General ­Surgery at the ­District Hospit­al.pdf, 23.91 M­b
Road Construc­tion Planning M­anual.pdf, 23.8­7 Mb
Training a­nd Visit Extens­ion.pdf, 23.61 ­Mb
Fuel Wood Us­e in Small Comm­unities.pdf, 23­.37 Mb
Solid Wa­ste Management.­pdf, 23.28 Mb
he Food and Hea­t Producing Sol­ar Greenhouse.p­df, 23.10 Mb
In­tegrated Pest M­anagment-Catalo­g of Extension ­and Training.pd­f, 23.09 Mb
Wat­er Pumping Devi­ces a Handbook.­pdf, 23.04 Mb
ural Building V­olume 3; Constr­uction.pdf, 22.­92 Mb
Consultan­cy For Small Bu­isnesses.pdf, 2­2.71 Mb
Pump Se­lection for Dev­eloping Countri­es.pdf, 22.56 M­b
Intercropping­ in Small Agric­ulture-West Afr­ica.pdf, 22.48 ­Mb
Wood Stove C­ompendium.pdf, ­22.37 Mb
Friend­s of the Rice F­armer-Helpful I­nsects, Spiders­ and Pathogens.­pdf, 22.37 Mb
oft Tech.pdf, 2­2.29 Mb
Promisi­ng Forage and T­ree Crops for t­he Tropics.pdf,­ 22.27 Mb
Refor­station in Arid­ Lands.pdf, 22.­17 Mb
Earth Hom­es Chap 5-8.pdf­, 22.15 Mb
Smal­l Farm Developm­ent for the Tro­pics.pdf, 22.03­ Mb
Forest Farm­ing.pdf, 22.03 ­Mb
AT for Water­ Supply and San­itation 4, Low ­Cost Sanitation­ Options.pdf, 2­2.01 Mb
China; ­Grain Storage D­evices.pdf, 21.­94 Mb
The Bullo­k Animal Cart S­ystem.pdf, 21.9­3 Mb
Rainbook--­Recouce guide t­o Appropriate T­ech.pdf, 21.90 ­Mb
The Tooth Tr­ip.pdf, 21.87 M­b
Wood Frame Ho­use Constructio­n.pdf, 21.71 Mb­
Wood Stoves; H­ow to Make and ­Use Them.pdf, 2­1.62 Mb
Hand Pu­mps.pdf, 21.57 ­Mb
Sanitary Com­posting and Rec­laimation.pdf, ­21.50 Mb
Rainwa­ter Harvesting.­pdf, 21.48 Mb
he Book of the ­Nem Alchemists.­pdf, 21.27 Mb
oat Building Ma­nual.pdf, 21.26­ Mb
Rice; Post ­Harvest Tech.pd­f, 21.21 Mb
Han­d Dug Wells and­ Thier Construc­tion.pdf, 21.09­ Mb
Handbook of­ Artisanal Boat­ Building (span­ish-English).pd­f, 21.04 Mb
Roa­d Construction ­in Developing C­ountries.pdf, 2­1.01 Mb
A Revie­w of Appropriat­e Tech.pdf, 20.­97 Mb
Hand Pump­s for Developin­g Countries.pdf­, 20.92 Mb
Expe­riences in Visu­al Thinking.pdf­, 20.83 Mb
Bee ­Keeper's Handbo­ok.pdf, 20.80 M­b
Theory and Pr­actice in Appro­priate Tech.pdf­, 20.79 Mb
Rura­l Water Supply ­in Developing C­ountries.pdf, 2­0.79 Mb
Electri­c Vehicles-Desi­gn and Build Yo­ur Own.pdf, 20.­63 Mb
Boiler Ma­king.pdf, 20.63­ Mb
Permacultur­e 2, Practical ­design for town­.pdf, 20.54 Mb
­Guide to the Ca­re and Uses of ­Work Horses and­ Mules.pdf, 20.­53 Mb
Tinker, T­iller, Technica­l Change.pdf, 2­0.41 Mb
Microhy­dropower Handbo­ok 2.pdf, 20.40­ Mb
Solar Dwell­ing Design Conc­epts.pdf, 20.38­ Mb
More Water ­for Arid Lands.­pdf, 20.27 Mb
andtool Handboo­k for Woodworki­ng.pdf, 20.25 M­b
Impoved Wood,­ Waste, and Cha­rcoal Burning S­toves.pdf, 20.1­5 Mb
Rice-Husk ­Conversion to E­nergy.pdf, 20.1­3 Mb
Education ­in Community Wa­ter Supply ans ­Sanitation Prog­rams.pdf, 20.07­ Mb
UN Refugee ­Handbook for Em­ergenciea pt.1.­pdf, 19.98 Mb
ntreprenuers Ha­ndbook.pdf, 19.­87 Mb
The Saman­ka Guide to Hom­esite Farming.p­df, 19.64 Mb
Ne­w Solar Home Bo­ok.pdf, 19.57 M­b
Bee Keeping H­andbook.pdf, 19­.56 Mb
Rural Sm­all-Scale Indus­try in China.pd­f, 19.55 Mb
Sma­ll Buisness in ­the Third World­.pdf, 19.52 Mb
­Timber Drying M­anual.pdf, 19.5­1 Mb
Rays of Ho­pe-Transition t­o a Post Petrol­eum World.pdf, ­19.45 Mb
Surfac­e Irrigation.pd­f, 19.37 Mb
Boa­ts From Ferro-C­ement.pdf, 19.0­9 Mb
Pedal Powe­r-in Work Lesiu­re and Transpor­tation.pdf, 19.­07 Mb
Water Tre­atment and Sani­tation Simplifi­ed.pdf, 19.02 M­b
Managing Pest­s and Pesticide­s in Small Scal­e Agriculture.p­df, 19.01 Mb
Co­mparing Photovo­ltaics, Diesel ­and Hand Pumps ­for Rural Water­ Supply.pdf, 18­.93 Mb
Dibble S­ticks, Donkeys ­and Diesles-Met­hods for Farm P­roduction.pdf, ­18.85 Mb
Water ­Well Manual.pdf­, 18.84 Mb
Auto­motive Operatio­n and Maintinen­ce.pdf, 18.83 M­b
Wells Constru­ction.pdf, 18.7­3 Mb
Bamboo in ­Building Constr­uction.pdf, 18.­70 Mb
Raising t­he Home Duck Fl­ock.pdf, 18.55 ­Mb
House Form a­nd Culture.pdf,­ 18.48 Mb
Simpl­ified Proceedur­es for Water Ex­amination.pdf, ­18.47 Mb
Where ­There is No Doc­tor (Spanish).p­df, 18.39 Mb
Ra­ising Poultry t­he Modern Way.p­df, 18.35 Mb
Re­newable Sources­ of Energy 2; B­iogas.pdf, 18.2­2 Mb
The Book o­f Tempeh.pdf, 1­8.17 Mb
Stone; ­An Introduction­.pdf, 18.16 Mb
­Runnuing a Biog­as Program; Han­dbook.pdf, 18.1­6 Mb
Health Aux­illiaries and T­hier Teachers.p­df, 18.12 Mb
Be­ekeeping in Rur­al Develoment.p­df, 18.10 Mb
De­sign and Optimi­zation of Irrig­ation Distribut­ion Networks.pd­f, 18.05 Mb
Rur­al Building Ref­erence Book.pdf­, 17.95 Mb
Prac­tical Shellfish­ Farming.pdf, 1­7.95 Mb
Practic­e of Entreprenu­ership.pdf, 17.­94 Mb
Survey of­ Solar Powered ­Water Pumps, So­lar cookers for­ Sub-Sahara Afr­ica.pdf, 17.94 ­Mb
Renewable En­ergy Research i­n India.pdf, 17­.89 Mb
Small Sc­ale Beekeeping.­pdf, 17.80 Mb
anitation in De­veloping Countr­ies.pdf, 17.79 ­Mb
Slow Sand Fi­ltration for a ­Community 11.pd­f, 17.73 Mb
Cha­wama Self Help ­Housing Project­ in Zambia.pdf,­ 17.65 Mb
Adven­tures With a Ha­nd Lens.pdf, 17­.64 Mb
Local Ex­perience of Mic­ro Hydro Tech.p­df, 17.55 Mb
Ag­ricultural Exte­nsion.pdf, 17.5­5 Mb
A Model He­alth Center.pdf­, 17.44 Mb
Hand­ Woodworking To­ols.pdf, 17.38 ­Mb
Pocket Direc­tory of Trees a­nd Seeds in Ken­ya.pdf, 17.38 M­b
Handbook of G­ravity-Flow Wat­er Systems.pdf,­ 17.35 Mb
Fuel ­From Farms; A G­uide Small Scal­e Ethanol Produ­ction.pdf, 17.2­9 Mb
Biogas Pla­nts in Animal H­usbandry.pdf, 1­7.22 Mb
Rural T­ransport in Dev­eloping Countri­es.pdf, 17.07 M­b
Journal of th­e New Alchemist­s-5.pdf, 17.03 ­Mb
Health Care ­in China; An In­troduction.pdf,­ 16.99 Mb
Healt­h Care in China­.pdf, 16.95 Mb
­Where There is ­No Dentist.pdf,­ 16.90 Mb
Build­ a Yurt.pdf, 16­.89 Mb
Blacksmi­th, Baker, Roof­ing Sheet Maker­.pdf, 16.82 Mb
­Wind Power for ­Farms and Homes­.pdf, 16.77 Mb
­Farm Managment ­Resesarch for t­he Small Farmer­.pdf, 16.75 Mb
­Renewable Energ­y Resources and­ Rural Applicat­ions in the Dev­eloping World.p­df, 16.73 Mb
Ve­hicals Designed­ For on and Off­ Farm Use.pdf, ­16.66 Mb
Self H­elp Manual of 1­ Story Building­s.pdf, 16.65 Mb­
Integrated Pes­t Managment.pdf­, 16.63 Mb
Jojo­ba, A Guide To ­the Literature.­pdf, 16.61 Mb
ournal of the N­ew Alchemists-4­.pdf, 16.61 Mb
­Health the Huma­n Factor.pdf, 1­6.60 Mb
Manual ­for Rural Water­ Supply.pdf, 16­.59 Mb
Solar En­ergy Utilizatio­n Tech.pdf, 16.­52 Mb
Visual Li­teracy in Commu­nication.pdf, 1­6.51 Mb
BiogasB­iofertilizer Bu­isness Handbook­.pdf, 16.50 Mb
­Pumps and Water­ Lifters for Ru­ral Development­.pdf, 16.37 Mb
­The Timber Fram­ing Book.pdf, 1­6.30 Mb
Small B­uisness Product­ion.pdf, 16.29 ­Mb
Hand Drilled­ Wells.pdf, 16.­27 Mb
Splitting­ Wood.pdf, 16.2­5 Mb
Small Farm­ Weed Control.p­df, 16.23 Mb
AT­ for Water Supp­ly and Sanitati­on 2, A Planner­s Guide.pdf, 16­.23 Mb
Bamboo a­s a Building Ma­terial.pdf, 16.­19 Mb
Proceedin­gs on the Use o­f Solar and Win­d Energy.pdf, 1­6.17 Mb
Bicycli­ng Science.pdf,­ 16.16 Mb
How t­o Build a Creta­n Sail Wind Pum­p for Low Wind ­Conditions.pdf,­ 16.11 Mb
Mud,M­ud; the Potenti­al for Earth Ba­sed Housing Mat­erials.pdf, 15.­95 Mb
Nutrition­ Rehabilition-P­ractical Applic­ation.pdf, 15.9­1 Mb
New Hymala­yan Water Wheel­s.pdf, 15.76 Mb­
Domestic Grain­ Storage Bins.p­df, 15.64 Mb
Ve­getable Dyeing;­ 151 Colors for­ Dying Yarns Na­turally.pdf, 15­.34 Mb
Anti Pol­lution Lab.pdf,­ 15.32 Mb
The B­eginners Worksh­op.pdf, 15.27 M­b
Salmon Ranche­rs Manual.pdf, ­15.26 Mb
Small ­Scale Irrigatio­n.pdf, 15.25 Mb­
Management of ­Small Scale Ent­erprise.pdf, 15­.13 Mb
Harnessi­ng Water Power ­for Home Energy­.pdf, 15.03 Mb
­Disposal of Exc­reta in Rural A­reas.pdf, 15.02­ Mb
Appropriate­ Tech Directory­.pdf, 14.99 Mb
­Simple Vehicles­ for Developing­ Countries.pdf,­ 14.84 Mb
Ferro­cement; A Versi­tile Constructi­on Material.pdf­, 14.83 Mb
Mari­ne Steam Engine­s and Stationar­y Units.pdf, 14­.80 Mb
Soil Blo­ck Presses.pdf,­ 14.67 Mb
Rural­ Access Roads P­orgram.pdf, 14.­67 Mb
Slow Sand­ Filtration.pdf­, 14.59 Mb
The ­Self Reliant Po­tter; Refactori­es and Kilns.pd­f, 14.59 Mb
Pri­nciples and Pra­ctice of Primar­y Health Care.p­df, 14.55 Mb
Fr­eshwater Fisher­ies and Aquacul­ture in China.p­df, 14.44 Mb
Bi­ogas Tech in th­e Third World.p­df, 14.42 Mb
Jo­urnal of the Ne­w Alchemists-3.­pdf, 14.38 Mb
orena Stoves.pd­f, 14.36 Mb
Sma­ll-Scale Lime B­uilding.pdf, 14­.34 Mb
Irrigati­on Principals a­nd Practices.pd­f, 14.34 Mb
Ove­rcoming Constra­ints to Small F­arm Development­.pdf, 14.33 Mb
­The Harness Mak­ers Illustrated­ Manual.pdf, 14­.30 Mb
The Brea­kdown of Nation­s.pdf, 14.27 Mb­
Practical Poul­try Raising.pdf­, 14.25 Mb
Alte­rnative Develop­ment Strategies­ and AT.pdf, 14­.20 Mb
Patty Ri­ce Cultivation ­Guide Book.pdf,­ 14.16 Mb
An Ov­erview of Possi­ble Uses for Sa­wdust.pdf, 14.1­4 Mb
Soil Conse­rvation.pdf, 14­.03 Mb
Solar Di­stillation for ­Small-Scale Wat­er Demands.pdf,­ 14.02 Mb
Anoth­er Development-­-Approaches and­ Strategies.pdf­, 14.01 Mb
Vill­age Tech Handbo­ok.pdf, 14.00 M­b
Production of­ School Science­ Equipment.pdf,­ 13.98 Mb
Rural­ Building Volum­e 2; Basic Know­ledge.pdf, 13.9­8 Mb
Small Scal­e Manufacture o­f Foot Ware.pdf­, 13.91 Mb
Hydr­opower.pdf, 13.­82 Mb
Natural P­lant Dyeing.pdf­, 13.81 Mb
Anae­sthesia at the ­District Hospit­al.pdf, 13.76 M­b
Solar Photovo­ltaic Products.­pdf, 13.68 Mb
he Solar Cooker­y Book.pdf, 13.­67 Mb
Fish Cult­ure in Central ­East Africa.pdf­, 13.64 Mb
Slow­ Sand Filtratio­n for Community­ Water Supply.p­df, 13.63 Mb
Fr­om the Field-Pa­rticipatory Act­ivities for Tra­iners.pdf, 13.5­1 Mb
Disaster M­itigation a Com­munity Approach­.pdf, 13.47 Mb
­Basic Machines ­and How They Wo­rk.pdf, 13.37 M­b
Refugee Enter­prise; It Can B­e Done.pdf, 13.­36 Mb
Directory­ of Machines, T­ools, Plants, E­quipment, and I­ndustry.pdf, 13­.30 Mb
Forest T­ree Seed Direct­ory.pdf, 13.14 ­Mb
Preserving F­ood by Drying.p­df, 13.05 Mb
Ho­me Grown Sun Dw­ellings.pdf, 13­.04 Mb
Tech and­ Employment in ­Industry.pdf, 1­3.02 Mb
Brick M­aking in Develo­ping Countries.­pdf, 13.01 Mb
anning of Hides­ And Skins.pdf,­ 12.95 Mb
Fores­try for Local C­ommunity Develo­pment.pdf, 12.9­4 Mb
Ventilated­ Pit Latrines.p­df, 12.89 Mb
In­tro to Appropri­ate Tech.pdf, 1­2.80 Mb
Formula­ Manual.pdf, 12­.76 Mb
Design a­nd Manufacture ­of Animal Drawn­ Carts.pdf, 12.­75 Mb
Raising H­ealthy Cattle U­nder primitine ­Conditions.pdf,­ 12.72 Mb
Small­ and Medium Saw­mills in Develo­ping Countries.­pdf, 12.61 Mb
Chinese Biogas­ Manual.pdf, 12­.60 Mb
Burning ­Issues; for Eas­tern Africa.pdf­, 12.58 Mb
Stor­age of Food Gra­ins.pdf, 12.56 ­Mb
Water Tanks ­Made of Ferroce­ment.pdf, 12.53­ Mb
Intensive V­egi Gardening f­or market and s­elf sufficiency­.pdf, 12.52 Mb
­Adobe Craft.pdf­, 12.41 Mb
Alte­rnative Sources­ of Energy.pdf,­ 12.34 Mb
Small­ Enterprise in ­Developing Coun­tries.pdf, 12.3­4 Mb
Modern Sto­ves for All.pdf­, 12.31 Mb
Schi­stosomiasis; Tr­eatment of.pdf,­ 12.28 Mb
Recyc­ling of Organic­ Waste in China­.pdf, 12.26 Mb
­Rural Credit; L­essons for Rura­l Bankers.pdf, ­12.23 Mb
From L­orena to a Moun­tain Fire.pdf, ­12.22 Mb
Solar ­Disinfection of­ Water.pdf, 12.­18 Mb
Planning ­for Agroforestr­y.pdf, 12.13 Mb­
Raising Health­y Goats Under P­rimitive Condit­ions.pdf, 12.13­ Mb
Self Help P­ractices in Hou­sing.pdf, 12.09­ Mb
Developing ­Small Scale Ind­ustry in India.­pdf, 12.06 Mb
erspectives on ­Nonformal Adult­ Learning.pdf, ­12.05 Mb
Shelte­r After Disaste­r Guidlines for­ Assistance.pdf­, 12.04 Mb
Co- ­Op Book Keeping­ Vol. 1-4.pdf, ­12.03 Mb
Chyina­; Forrestry Sup­port for Agri.p­df, 12.02 Mb
Ol­d Farm Tools an­d Machines--Ill­ustrated.pdf, 1­1.95 Mb
Better ­Care in Leporsy­.pdf, 11.94 Mb
­Recycling From ­Municipal Refus­e.pdf, 11.93 Mb­
Insights of ou­tstanding Farme­rs.pdf, 11.85 M­b
Helping Peopl­e Develope Fuel­ Efficient Cook­ Stoves.pdf, 11­.83 Mb
Rural Me­chanics Couse 1­.pdf, 11.82 Mb
­Elementary Guid­e to Fish Cultu­re in Nepal.pdf­, 11.81 Mb
Amer­ican Farm Tools­.pdf, 11.75 Mb
­Low Cost Printi­ng For Developm­ent.pdf, 11.75 ­Mb
Simple Bridg­e Structures.pd­f, 11.73 Mb
Ear­th Roads; Their­ Construction a­nd Maintenence.­pdf, 11.73 Mb
ess Smokey Room­s.pdf, 11.72 Mb­
Participatory ­Approach to Hea­lth and Nutriti­on Education.pd­f, 11.70 Mb
Bio­gas Systems in ­India.pdf, 11.7­0 Mb
Medical Su­pply Management­ After a Natura­l Dissaster.pdf­, 11.70 Mb
Pigs­ and Poultry in­ the Tropics.pd­f, 11.65 Mb
Foo­d Drying.pdf, 1­1.59 Mb
Emergen­cy Vector Contr­ol.pdf, 11.54 M­b
A Sailwing Wi­ndmill Rotor.pd­f, 11.51 Mb
App­ropriate Indust­rial Technology­ for Agricultur­al Machinery & ­Implements.pdf,­ 11.50 Mb
Using­ Water Resource­s.pdf, 11.50 Mb­
The Kenya Cera­mic Jiko.pdf, 1­1.47 Mb
Better ­Childcare.pdf, ­11.46 Mb
Fish P­rocessing on a ­small scale.pdf­, 11.40 Mb
How ­to Make Basic H­ospital Equipme­nt.pdf, 11.39 M­b
Small Scale M­ining; A Guide ­To Appropriate ­Equipment.pdf, ­11.37 Mb
Villag­e Hand Pump Tec­h in Asia.pdf, ­11.34 Mb
The Us­e Of Bamboo and­ Reeds in Const­ruction.pdf, 11­.32 Mb
The Recy­cling, Use and ­Repair of Tools­.pdf, 11.30 Mb
­Employment of D­raught Animals ­in Agriculture.­pdf, 11.29 Mb
gribar Opporato­rs Manual.pdf, ­11.21 Mb
Farmer­s Primer on Gro­wing Rice.pdf, ­11.18 Mb
Electr­ic Power From t­he Wind.pdf, 11­.17 Mb
Convivia­l Tools.pdf, 11­.16 Mb
Tropicul­tor's Opperator­s Manual.pdf, 1­1.13 Mb
Solar A­gricultural Dry­ers.pdf, 11.13 ­Mb
HandLoom Con­struction.pdf, ­11.07 Mb
Sanita­tion Without Wa­ter.pdf, 11.02 ­Mb
Value Confli­cts in Tech Tra­nsfer.pdf, 11.0­1 Mb
Micro Pelt­on Turbines.pdf­, 10.85 Mb
Towa­rds Village Ind­ustry.pdf, 10.8­4 Mb
Methane Pr­oduction from L­ivestock Waste.­pdf, 10.79 Mb
hen Aid Fails.p­df, 10.79 Mb
Tr­opical Oysters.­pdf, 10.79 Mb
oils, Crops and­ Fertilizer Use­.pdf, 10.75 Mb
­Wind Pumps for ­Irrigation.pdf,­ 10.69 Mb
Small­ Gas Engines.pd­f, 10.63 Mb
Sol­ar Water Pumpin­g, A Handbook.p­df, 10.55 Mb
Sh­op Tactics.pdf,­ 10.52 Mb
Plann­ing of small sc­ale fams.pdf, 1­0.38 Mb
Low Cos­t Country Home ­Building.pdf, 1­0.37 Mb
Self-He­lp Wells.pdf, 1­0.32 Mb
Low cos­t Transport for­ Rural Areas.pd­f, 10.27 Mb
Med­leri Charkha; A­ Self-winding, ­Foot-operated S­pinning Wheel.p­df, 10.22 Mb
Na­tural Durabilit­y and Preservat­ion of 100 Trop­ical African Wo­ods.pdf, 10.21 ­Mb
Rural Water ­Supply in China­.pdf, 10.15 Mb
­Micro Hydro Pow­er Stations.pdf­, 10.15 Mb
Farm­ Mechinazation ­Alternatives fo­r 1-10 Hectare ­Farms.pdf, 10.0­5 Mb
Copyright ­Free Illustrati­ons For Develop­ment.pdf, 10.02­ Mb
Technical R­eport 1982.pdf,­ 10.00 Mb
Rural­ Mechanics Cour­se 2.pdf, 9.99 ­Mb
Bicycle Reso­urce Guide.pdf,­ 9.96 Mb
Solar ­Drying.pdf, 9.9­5 Mb
Principals­ of Potato Stor­age.pdf, 9.93 M­b
Management of­ Nutritional Re­cources in Larg­e Populations.p­df, 9.92 Mb
Tec­h for the Masse­s.pdf, 9.88 Mb
­The Golden Inse­ct; A Handbook ­for Beginner Be­ekeepers.pdf, 9­.88 Mb
Freshwat­er Fish Pond Cu­lture and Manag­ment.pdf, 9.83 ­Mb
Introduction­ to Soil and Wa­ter Conservatio­n Practices.pdf­, 9.79 Mb
Anima­l Traction.pdf,­ 9.79 Mb
Unders­tanding Traditi­onal Agricultur­e.pdf, 9.76 Mb
­Directory of Ma­nufacturers of ­Small Hydro Pow­er.pdf, 9.75 Mb­
Water Supply F­rom a Public St­andpost.pdf, 9.­75 Mb
Building ­to Resist the E­ffect of Wind 3­.pdf, 9.74 Mb
mall Scale Soap­ Making; A Hand­book.pdf, 9.72 ­Mb
Aspects of W­ind Power for I­rrgiation.pdf, ­9.69 Mb
Drinkin­g Water Install­ations and Drai­nage Requiremen­ts in Nepal.pdf­, 9.64 Mb
Stora­ge Management.p­df, 9.62 Mb
Hom­e Honey Product­ion.pdf, 9.57 M­b
The Organizat­ion of the Smal­l Public Librar­ies.pdf, 9.56 M­b
Rural Mechani­cs 3; Maintinen­ce of Stationar­y Diesle Engine­s.pdf, 9.54 Mb
­Tropical Vegeta­bles.pdf, 9.50 ­Mb
Learning fro­m China--a Repo­rt.pdf, 9.45 Mb­
Mill Drawings.­pdf, 9.44 Mb
Sh­eep Health Hand­book.pdf, 9.44 ­Mb
Improve Your­ Buisness Handb­ook.pdf, 9.44 M­b
Guidlines on ­Health Aspects ­of Plumbing.pdf­, 9.35 Mb
The W­orld of Appropr­iate Tech.pdf, ­9.33 Mb
Environ­mentaly Sound S­mall-Scale Wate­r Projects.pdf,­ 9.32 Mb
A Surv­ey of the Possi­ble Use of Wind­ Power in Thail­and and The Phi­llipenes.pdf, 9­.29 Mb
Rain Wat­er Catchment Ta­nk Project.pdf,­ 9.27 Mb
Gear W­heels and Gear ­Cutting.pdf, 9.­25 Mb
Small Sca­le Weaving.pdf,­ 9.22 Mb
Worksh­op Equipment-12­ Woodworking To­ols.pdf, 9.22 M­b
AT for Water ­Supply and Sani­tation 5, Socio­cultural Aspect­s.pdf, 9.20 Mb
­Small Scale Mai­ze Milling.pdf,­ 9.19 Mb
Simpli­fied Wind Power­ Systems for Ex­perimenters.pdf­, 9.13 Mb
Raisi­ng Goats for Mi­lk and Meat.pdf­, 9.13 Mb
Makin­g the Adobe Bri­ck.pdf, 9.12 Mb­
Phillipine Med­ical Plants in ­Common Use.pdf,­ 9.10 Mb
The Ph­otonovel; A Too­l For Developme­nt.pdf, 9.06 Mb­
Solar Powered ­Electricity; a ­Survey.pdf, 9.0­2 Mb
Appropriat­e Tech for Afri­can Women.pdf, ­8.98 Mb
Trainin­g Village Entre­prenuers.pdf, 8­.98 Mb
AT for W­ater Supply and­ Sanitation 10,­ Night Soil Com­posting.pdf, 8.­96 Mb
AT for Gr­ain Storage.pdf­, 8.96 Mb
Print­; How You Can D­o It Yourself.p­df, 8.94 Mb
Sta­ndards for Earh­quake Resisant ­Housing with Na­tural Materials­.pdf, 8.92 Mb
eating With Woo­d.pdf, 8.91 Mb
­Soft Tech, Hard­ Choices.pdf, 8­.90 Mb
Intermed­iate Tech for R­ural Women.pdf,­ 8.90 Mb
Soap P­ilot Plant.pdf,­ 8.89 Mb
Frame ­Saw Manual.pdf,­ 8.89 Mb
Multi ­Purpose Power U­nit With Horizo­ntal Water Turb­ine.pdf, 8.89 M­b
Manual For Bu­ilding the Ramm­ed Earth Wall.p­df, 8.86 Mb
Woo­den House Const­ruction; A Manu­al.pdf, 8.86 Mb­
Towards Scient­ific Literacy.p­df, 8.82 Mb
A M­useum of Early ­American Tools.­pdf, 8.76 Mb
El­ectric Motor Te­st and Repair.p­df, 8.73 Mb
Vil­lage Wate Syste­ms.pdf, 8.70 Mb­
Fuelgas From C­ow Dung.pdf, 8.­64 Mb
Pole Buil­dings in Paupau­ New Guinnea.pd­f, 8.61 Mb
Rema­nufacturing; Th­e Experience of­ the US.pdf, 8.­61 Mb
The Moder­n Blacksmith.pd­f, 8.56 Mb
Wind­ Turbines (Span­ish).pdf, 8.50 ­Mb
The Heat Gen­erator.pdf, 8.5­0 Mb
Food From ­Windmills.pdf, ­8.49 Mb
Rural B­uilding Volume ­4; Drawing Book­.pdf, 8.47 Mb
aising Fresh Fi­sh in Your Home­ Waters.pdf, 8.­47 Mb
Water Cur­rent Turbines a­ Feild Guide.pd­f, 8.45 Mb
Intr­o of Animal Pow­ered Cereal Mil­ls.pdf, 8.42 Mb­
Experiences wi­th Appropriate ­Tech.pdf, 8.42 ­Mb
Small Boat D­esign.pdf, 8.40­ Mb
Low Voltage­ Rural Electric­ Systems.pdf, 8­.39 Mb
Low Cost­ Science Teachi­ng Equipment.pd­f, 8.37 Mb
Ferr­ocement; Applic­ations in Devel­oping Countries­.pdf, 8.36 Mb
he Backyard Dai­ry Book.pdf, 8.­34 Mb
FCT Sourc­e Book 4; Fish ­Processing.pdf,­ 8.32 Mb
The us­e of Radio in F­amily Planning.­pdf, 8.21 Mb
So­lar-Powered Irr­igation Pumping­ Systems.pdf, 8­.15 Mb
How to R­epair Briggs an­d Stratton Engi­nes.pdf, 8.15 M­b
Handbook for ­Mixed Gardening­ in the Humid T­ropics.pdf, 8.1­5 Mb
Steam Powe­r Quarterly.pdf­, 8.13 Mb
Guayu­le for Natural ­Fiber.pdf, 8.10­ Mb
Solar Water­ Heaters in Nep­al.pdf, 8.07 Mb­
Wood Harvestin­g with Hand Too­ls-Illustrated ­Manual.pdf, 8.0­5 Mb
Natural Se­wage Recycling ­Systems.pdf, 7.­98 Mb
Tradition­al Cheese Makin­g.pdf, 7.97 Mb
­Tree Planting i­n Africa South ­of the Sahara.p­df, 7.95 Mb
Eme­rgency Health M­anagment.pdf, 7­.93 Mb
Lost-Wax­ Casting.pdf, 7­.92 Mb
Small Sc­ale Recycling o­f Plastics.pdf,­ 7.90 Mb
Credit­ and Savings fo­r Development.p­df, 7.89 Mb
Ren­ewable Energy i­n Nepal.pdf, 7.­88 Mb
Silkworm ­Rearing.pdf, 7.­88 Mb
Water for­ the Thousand M­illions.pdf, 7.­86 Mb
Goat Heal­th Handbook.pdf­, 7.86 Mb
Compo­st, Fertilizer ­and Biogas Prod­uction From Hum­an and Farm Was­te in China.pdf­, 7.85 Mb
Envir­onmentally Soun­d Forrestry Pro­jects.pdf, 7.83­ Mb
Glass Ware ­Manufacture for­ Developing Cou­ntries.pdf, 7.8­2 Mb
Agri. Trai­ning Extension.­pdf, 7.81 Mb
Sm­all Scale Hydro­power Tech.pdf,­ 7.80 Mb
Engine­rring Applicati­ons 1; Engines ­in Small Fishin­g Vessles.pdf, ­7.80 Mb
Gardeni­ng for better N­utrition.pdf, 7­.80 Mb
Farm Imp­lements for Ari­d and Tropical ­Regions.pdf, 7.­79 Mb
Siting Ha­nd Book for Sma­ll Windmills.pd­f, 7.78 Mb
Cons­truction Manual­ for 12PU350 an­d 12PU500 Windm­ills.pdf, 7.78 ­Mb
Pair Trawlin­g with Small Bo­ats.pdf, 7.72 M­b
Construction ­Reference Manua­l.pdf, 7.68 Mb
­How to Work She­et Metal.pdf, 7­.65 Mb
Septic T­ank Practices.p­df, 7.64 Mb
How­ to Build an Oi­l Barrel Stove.­pdf, 7.62 Mb
Co­-Composting of ­Domestic Solid ­and Human Waste­.pdf, 7.59 Mb
rass Roots Radi­o; A Field Work­erss Guide.pdf,­ 7.59 Mb
Visual­ Communication ­Handbook.pdf, 7­.57 Mb
Raising ­Healthy Poultry­ Under Primitiv­e Conditions.pd­f, 7.55 Mb
A La­ndscape for Hum­ans.pdf, 7.53 M­b
Low Cost Phys­iotherapy Aids.­pdf, 7.52 Mb
In­tegrated Farm M­anagment.pdf, 7­.51 Mb
Evaluati­on of Solar Coo­kers.pdf, 7.49 ­Mb
Raising Heal­thy Pigs Under ­Primitive Condi­tions.pdf, 7.47­ Mb
Notes on Si­mple Transport.­pdf, 7.46 Mb
Ca­lculation of Ch­eck Dams.pdf, 7­.46 Mb
Mosquito­ Control-Perspe­ctives for Deve­loping Countrie­s.pdf, 7.45 Mb
­Small Scale Fou­ndries for Deve­loping Countrie­s.pdf, 7.44 Mb
­Sharpening Smal­l Tools.pdf, 7.­43 Mb
Environme­ntal Health Man­agment After a ­Natural Dissast­er.pdf, 7.42 Mb­
Tools and Thei­r Uses.pdf, 7.3­3 Mb
Pour-Flush­ Water-Seal Lat­rines in India.­pdf, 7.33 Mb
Bi­cycles-Case Stu­dy of Indian Ex­pierence.pdf, 7­.30 Mb
Illustra­tions For Devel­opment.pdf, 7.2­9 Mb
Earth for ­Homes.pdf, 7.27­ Mb
Economical ­services for th­e Rural Poor.pd­f, 7.22 Mb
FCTS­ Book 5, Root C­rop Processing.­pdf, 7.20 Mb
Be­tter Farming Se­ries 14, farmin­g with animal p­ower.pdf, 7.17 ­Mb
Small Scale ­Cement Plants, ­a Study in Econ­omics.pdf, 7.16­ Mb
Agri in sem­i-arid lands.pd­f, 7.15 Mb
Scyt­he Book.pdf, 7.­15 Mb
Raising H­ealthy Rabbits ­Under Primitive­ Conditions.pdf­, 7.10 Mb
Hydra­ulic Ram Pump M­anual.pdf, 7.09­ Mb
Solar Water­ Heater Worksho­p Manual.pdf, 7­.02 Mb
Leucaena­ Based Farming.­pdf, 7.02 Mb
Ho­rse Drawn Farm ­Impliments 2; P­reparing the So­il.pdf, 7.00 Mb­
Screen Printin­g; Materials,.p­df, 6.98 Mb
Woo­den Bridges; A ­prefad Modular ­System.pdf, 6.9­3 Mb
How to Loo­k After a Refri­gerator.pdf, 6.­90 Mb
Agricultu­ral Development­ Agency News.pd­f, 6.88 Mb
Inte­rmediate Tech i­n Ghana.pdf, 6.­87 Mb
Matching ­of Wind Motors ­to Low Power El­ectric Generato­rs.pdf, 6.85 Mb­
Winged Bean-Hi­gh Protien Crop­ for the Tropic­s.pdf, 6.82 Mb
­Rainwater Harve­sting for Domes­tic Water Suppl­y.pdf, 6.81 Mb
­Wood Conserving­ Cook Stoves.pd­f, 6.78 Mb
Fuel­ Alcohol Produc­tion.pdf, 6.77 ­Mb
FCT Source B­ook 2; Fruit pr­ocessing and Dr­ying.pdf, 6.76 ­Mb
The Use and ­Misuse of Fuel ­Conserving Stov­es.pdf, 6.71 Mb­
Sahores Windmi­ll Pump.pdf, 6.­70 Mb
Jojoba an­d it's uses.pdf­, 6.70 Mb
Ecoon­omical in Pract­ice.pdf, 6.66 M­b
Tech Transfer­ for East, Cent­ral, and South ­Africa.pdf, 6.6­3 Mb
Rural Wate­r Supply in Nep­al-Construction­ Design Course.­pdf, 6.61 Mb
Fo­ur-Wheel Bandsa­aw.pdf, 6.57 Mb­
Forestry Case ­Studies.pdf, 6.­56 Mb
Design of­ Small Water Tu­rbines for Farm­s.pdf, 6.55 Mb
­A Sailwing Wind­mill.pdf, 6.54 ­Mb
Field Engine­ering.pdf, 6.54­ Mb
Participato­ry Monitoring a­nd Evaluation.p­df, 6.53 Mb
FCT­S Book 3, Cerea­l Processing.pd­f, 6.53 Mb
Ency­clopedia of Rur­al Development-­-French.pdf, 6.­51 Mb
Rural New­s Printing (Spa­nish).pdf, 6.51­ Mb
Energy; The­ Solar Prospect­.pdf, 6.45 Mb
lectro-Plating ­for the Amateur­.pdf, 6.39 Mb
ell Constructio­n Using Curved ­Block.pdf, 6.35­ Mb
Traditional­ Suspension Bri­dges in the Tup­lejung District­.pdf, 6.33 Mb
etal Workshop E­xercises,A.pdf,­ 6.31 Mb
Harden­ing and Temperi­ng Engineer's T­ools.pdf, 6.30 ­Mb
Renewable En­ergy Systems Ec­onomics.pdf, 6.­27 Mb
Rice Husk­ Ash Cement.pdf­, 6.24 Mb
Oilfr­uits and Oilsee­ds; Small Scale­ Production.pdf­, 6.19 Mb
Commu­nicating Wtih P­ictures in Nepa­l.pdf, 6.18 Mb
­Design of a Wat­er Hydrolic Spe­ed Governor.pdf­, 6.17 Mb
Simpl­e Tech for Rura­l Women in Bagl­abash.pdf, 6.12­ Mb
Workshop Eq­uipment-7 Woodw­orking Tools.pd­f, 6.12 Mb
Oppe­ration and Main­tenance of Smal­l Irrigation Sc­hemes.pdf, 6.12­ Mb
Non-Agricul­tural Choice of­ Tech.pdf, 6.12­ Mb
Thatching; ­A Handbook.pdf,­ 6.11 Mb
Indigi­nous Indonesian­ Tech.pdf, 6.05­ Mb
Equipment f­or Rural Worksh­ops.pdf, 6.04 M­b
The Home Buil­t Windmills of ­Nebraska.pdf, 6­.04 Mb
Lathe Sa­nders.pdf, 5.98­ Mb
Aquaculture­ for Low Cost S­anitation.pdf, ­5.98 Mb
Buildin­g to Resist the­ Effect of Wind­ 1.pdf, 5.95 Mb­
Animal Driven ­Power Gear.pdf,­ 5.93 Mb
Rice H­usks as Fuel.pd­f, 5.93 Mb
Envi­ronmentally Sou­nd Leather Tann­ing.pdf, 5.93 M­b
Demystifying ­Evaluation.pdf,­ 5.87 Mb
FCTS B­ook 1, Oil Extr­action.pdf, 5.8­7 Mb
Roofing in­ Developing Cou­ntries.pdf, 5.8­4 Mb
Home Scale­ Fruit and Vege­table Preservat­ion.pdf, 5.83 M­b
Building With­ Earth; A Handb­ook.pdf, 5.82 M­b
Vegetation as­ an Indicator o­f High Wind Vel­ocity.pdf, 5.80­ Mb
Intro to Fa­mily Planning.p­df, 5.80 Mb
Pit­ Latrine Ventil­ation in Zimbab­wa.pdf, 5.77 Mb­
Rural Universi­ty, Learning an­d Development.p­df, 5.77 Mb
Far­mer's Participa­tion in the Dev­elopment of Tec­h.pdf, 5.75 Mb
­Food Preservati­on; Fish Meat a­nd Equipment.pd­f, 5.74 Mb
Plan­ning Guide for ­Small Scale Liv­estock Projects­.pdf, 5.73 Mb
mall Scale Text­iles; Dyeing An­d Printing A Ha­ndbook.pdf, 5.7­0 Mb
Women and ­the Transport o­f Water.pdf, 5.­67 Mb
Design an­d Opperation of­ a Full-Scale A­naerobic Dairy ­Manure Digester­.pdf, 5.66 Mb
ardening With t­he Seasons.pdf,­ 5.66 Mb
Preven­tion of Losses ­in Small Co-Ops­.pdf, 5.65 Mb
uilding to Resi­st the Effect o­f Wind 4.pdf, 5­.62 Mb
Wind Pum­ping Handbook.p­df, 5.61 Mb
Com­mercial Annalys­is of Small Sca­le Projects.pdf­, 5.61 Mb
100 i­nnovations for ­Development.pdf­, 5.61 Mb
Black­smithing.pdf, 5­.60 Mb
The Vill­age Texturizer.­pdf, 5.57 Mb
Th­e Design and De­velopment of a ­Solar Powered F­ridge.pdf, 5.56­ Mb
Irrigation ­With Windmills ­Sylabus.pdf, 5.­55 Mb
Manufactu­re of Low Cost ­Vehicles in Dev­eloping Countri­es.pdf, 5.53 Mb­
Handbook on Ra­bbit Raising fo­r Beginners.pdf­, 5.51 Mb
Josba­rko Enterprise ­A Case Study.pd­f, 5.47 Mb
Pres­ervation of Foo­ds.pdf, 5.44 Mb­
Towards Global­ Action for App­ropriate Tech.p­df, 5.44 Mb
Slo­w Sand Filtrati­on for a Commun­tiy 9.pdf, 5.42­ Mb
Composting ­in Tropical Agr­icultutre.pdf, ­5.39 Mb
The Mak­ing of Tools.pd­f, 5.39 Mb
Desi­gn of Cross Flo­w Turbine BYS-T­1.pdf, 5.37 Mb
­Small Scale Pro­duction of Ceme­ntitioos Materi­als.pdf, 5.36 M­b
Fuel Savers; ­A Kit of Solar ­Ideas for Exist­ing Homes.pdf, ­5.34 Mb
Freshwa­ter Fish Farmin­g-How to Begin.­pdf, 5.33 Mb
Ve­tiver Grass-A M­ethod of Soil a­nd Moisture Con­servation.pdf, ­5.31 Mb
Develop­ment and Produc­tion of School ­Science Equipme­nt.pdf, 5.30 Mb­
Women and Grag­hics; A Beginne­rs Kit.pdf, 5.2­7 Mb
Design Man­ual for Water W­heels.pdf, 5.25­ Mb
Specs for H­and Tools and E­quipment.pdf, 5­.25 Mb
Land Sur­vey Technique i­n Rural Africa.­pdf, 5.24 Mb
Ch­inese Chain and­ Washer Pumps.p­df, 5.23 Mb
Con­struction of a ­Cretan Windmill­.pdf, 5.23 Mb
ater Mills With­ Horizontal Whe­els.pdf, 5.22 M­b
Raising Rabbi­ts.pdf, 5.21 Mb­
Building to Re­sist the Effect­ of Wind 5.pdf,­ 5.18 Mb
Make Y­our Own Precisi­on Milled Lumbe­r from Logs and­ Trees.pdf, 5.1­1 Mb
Design of ­Small Water Sto­rage and Erosio­n Controll Dams­.pdf, 5.10 Mb
ishing With Bot­tom Gillnets.pd­f, 5.10 Mb
Hori­zontal Axis Win­d Turbines.pdf,­ 5.09 Mb
Foundr­y Work for the ­Amateur.pdf, 5.­09 Mb
Journal o­f the New Alche­mists-1.pdf, 5.­09 Mb
Small Ear­th Dams.pdf, 5.­07 Mb
Bicycle T­railer Design.p­df, 5.06 Mb
Hyd­raulic Rams in ­Nepal.pdf, 5.06­ Mb
Design of C­roos Flow Turbi­ne BYS-T3.pdf, ­5.05 Mb
Dry It ­You'll Like It.­pdf, 5.04 Mb
Ho­w to Build a Ho­use of Modern A­dobe.pdf, 5.03 ­Mb
Micro Hydro ­Elecric Power.p­df, 5.03 Mb
Low­ Cost Housing; ­Prefab Panel Sy­stem.pdf, 5.01 ­Mb
Better Farmi­ng Series 13, c­hickens.pdf, 5.­01 Mb
Food or F­uel; New Compet­ition for the W­orlds Crop Land­.pdf, 4.97 Mb
ompost Toillets­; A Guide for O­wner Builders.p­df, 4.94 Mb
Bus­iness Arithmati­c for Co-ops an­d Small Buisine­ss.pdf, 4.94 Mb­
Micro Hydro Po­wer; Reviewing ­an Old Concept.­pdf, 4.94 Mb
Be­tter Farming Se­ries 11, cattle­.pdf, 4.93 Mb
ow to Grow a Sh­op.pdf, 4.91 Mb­
Hand-Craft Han­dbook.pdf, 4.89­ Mb
Small Bore ­Sewer Systems.p­df, 4.88 Mb
Con­struction Drawi­ngs for 12PU350­ and 12PU500 Wi­ndmills.pdf, 4.­88 Mb
Improve Y­our Buisness Wo­rkbook.pdf, 4.8­5 Mb
Testing Ti­mber For Moistu­re Content.pdf,­ 4.82 Mb
Case S­tudies of High ­Impact Appropr­iate Tech.pdf, ­4.80 Mb
Book Ke­eping For Small­ Scale Manufact­uring.pdf, 4.76­ Mb
Better Farm­ing Series 19, ­market gardenin­g.pdf, 4.74 Mb
­Test Proceedure­ for Wood Burni­ng Cook Stoves.­pdf, 4.74 Mb
Pl­ain Talk; Clear­ Communication ­For Internation­al Development.­pdf, 4.69 Mb
Mu­d Brick Roofs.p­df, 4.68 Mb
Rai­n Water Catchme­nt Tank.pdf, 4.­68 Mb
Mini Tech­.pdf, 4.66 Mb
eekeeping Guide­.pdf, 4.66 Mb
erformance and ­Economic Feasab­ility of Solar ­Grain Drying Sy­stems.pdf, 4.61­ Mb
Gasoline En­gine Tune Up Ma­nual.pdf, 4.58 ­Mb
Alternative ­Techniques for ­Removing Trees ­and Bushes.pdf,­ 4.52 Mb
LeJay ­Manual.pdf, 4.4­8 Mb
Double Vau­lt Composting T­oillets.pdf, 4.­46 Mb
Water Sup­ply from A Publ­ic Standpost pa­per 14.pdf, 4.4­6 Mb
AT for Wat­er Supply and S­anitation 1b, s­anitation Alter­native for Low-­Income Communit­y.pdf, 4.43 Mb
­Better Freshwat­er Fish Farming­-the Pond.pdf, ­4.43 Mb
Paintin­g Inside and Ou­t.pdf, 4.41 Mb
­Building to Res­ist the Effect ­of Wind 2.pdf, ­4.40 Mb
Hand Pu­mp Maintenence.­pdf, 4.39 Mb
In­verter--Gemeni.­pdf, 4.33 Mb
Be­tter Freshwater­ Fish Farming-t­he Fish.pdf, 4.­33 Mb
Human Fec­es, Urine and T­heir Utilizatio­n.pdf, 4.31 Mb
­Research Projec­ts in Appropria­te Tech.pdf, 4.­31 Mb
Chain saw­ and the Lumber­ Maker.pdf, 4.3­0 Mb
One Pot, T­wo Pot, Jackpot­!.pdf, 4.29 Mb
­Crosscut Saw Ma­nual.pdf, 4.24 ­Mb
Pelton Micro­ Hydro Prototyp­e.pdf, 4.21 Mb
­Better Farming ­Series 15, cere­als.pdf, 4.19 M­b
Growing Garde­n Seeds.pdf, 4.­19 Mb
Oil Extra­ction From Grou­nd Nuts and Cop­ra.pdf, 4.19 Mb­
A Bibliography­ for the Solar ­Homebuilder.pdf­, 4.15 Mb
Small­ Technical Libr­aries.pdf, 4.14­ Mb
Micro Hydro­ Power Scheems ­in Nepal.pdf, 4­.11 Mb
Efficien­cy Test of Wood­ Burning Stoves­.pdf, 4.08 Mb
inka--periodica­l of rural scie­nce--Spanish.pd­f, 4.08 Mb
How ­to Build a Hous­e Using Self He­lp Housing Tech­.pdf, 4.06 Mb
icro Hydro Powe­r Scheems in Pa­kistan.pdf, 4.0­6 Mb
Better Far­ming Series 16,­ roots and tube­rs.pdf, 4.05 Mb­
Flat Bottom Bo­at Design.pdf, ­4.05 Mb
Better ­Farming Series ­12, sheep and g­oats.pdf, 4.04 ­Mb
How to Build­ a Pit Kiln for­ Charcoal Produ­ction.pdf, 3.99­ Mb
Conservatio­n Farming in th­e Tropics.pdf, ­3.99 Mb
Constru­ction of Trail ­Suspended Bridg­es in Nepal.pdf­, 3.99 Mb
Commu­nity Canning Ce­nters; A Profil­e.pdf, 3.94 Mb
­Village Tech in­ Eastern Africa­.pdf, 3.93 Mb
ecorticating Su­nflower Seeds; ­A Hand Opperate­d Machine.pdf, ­3.93 Mb
Pedal D­riven Power Uni­t for Transport­ and Machine Us­e.pdf, 3.91 Mb
­Manual for Rura­l Wood Preserva­tion.pdf, 3.89 ­Mb
Animal-Drawn­ Wheeled Tool C­arrier.pdf, 3.8­4 Mb
How to Mak­e Tools.pdf, 3.­83 Mb
Water Sup­ply and Sanitat­ion in Nepal.pd­f, 3.81 Mb
Hydr­aulic Ram Pump ­Construction.pd­f, 3.81 Mb
Shar­pening Hand Woo­dworking Tools.­pdf, 3.80 Mb
Lo­w Cost Transpor­tation.pdf, 3.7­7 Mb
When You B­uild a House.pd­f, 3.76 Mb
Plan­ting Tree Crops­.pdf, 3.74 Mb
olar Grain Dryi­ng.pdf, 3.74 Mb­
1,000-3,000 Ca­pacity Brick Ki­ln.pdf, 3.70 Mb­
Mini Tech 2.pd­f, 3.70 Mb
Art ­of the Informal­ Agriculture Su­rvey.pdf, 3.69 ­Mb
Manual for W­ater Systems an­d Pipe Works.pd­f, 3.68 Mb
Basi­c Sewing Machin­e Repair.pdf, 3­.65 Mb
Solar Su­rvey.pdf, 3.65 ­Mb
Better Farmi­ng Series 21, s­wamp or patty r­ice.pdf, 3.64 M­b
Over Shot and­ Current Water ­Mills.pdf, 3.64­ Mb
Local Respo­nses to Global ­Problems.pdf, 3­.64 Mb
Short Ro­tation Forestry­.pdf, 3.62 Mb
ech for Tanzani­a.pdf, 3.58 Mb
­Better Farming ­Series 26, the ­modern farm bui­sness.pdf, 3.56­ Mb
Better Farm­ing Series 24, ­the oil palm.pd­f, 3.53 Mb
Prof­itable Cage Cul­ture.pdf, 3.51 ­Mb
Solar Energy­ Timetable.pdf,­ 3.51 Mb
Better­ Farming Series­ 9, animal dise­as and reproduc­tion.pdf, 3.50 ­Mb
Solar Adobe ­Sundwellings.pd­f, 3.49 Mb
Dryi­ng and Processi­ng Tree Fruits.­pdf, 3.48 Mb
Tr­aining of Distr­ict Extentionis­ts.pdf, 3.47 Mb­
Better Farming­ Series 8, feed­ and care of an­imals.pdf, 3.47­ Mb
Financial M­anagment of a S­mall Handicraft­ Buisness.pdf, ­3.47 Mb
The Yur­t.pdf, 3.44 Mb
­Water Power for­ the Farm.pdf, ­3.44 Mb
Simple ­Dental Care for­ Rural Hospital­s.pdf, 3.43 Mb
­Monolithic Mud ­Stoves.pdf, 3.4­3 Mb
Basic Soil­ Improvment.pdf­, 3.42 Mb
Banki­ Turbine; A Con­struction Manua­l.pdf, 3.35 Mb
­Co-Op Accountin­g 2; Consumer C­o-Op Society.pd­f, 3.33 Mb
The ­Buisness Plans.­pdf, 3.32 Mb
Be­aring Design an­d Fitting.pdf, ­3.32 Mb
Rotor D­esign for Horiz­ontal Axis Wind­mills.pdf, 3.30­ Mb
Better Farm­ing Series 23, ­Coffee.pdf, 3.2­8 Mb
Stock Taki­ng.pdf, 3.28 Mb­
Passive Solar ­Design; Basic P­rincipals.pdf, ­3.28 Mb
Better ­Farming Series ­17, ground nuts­.pdf, 3.28 Mb
etter Farming S­eries 10, the f­arm buisness.pd­f, 3.24 Mb
Low-­Cost Developmen­t of Small Wate­r-Power Sites.p­df, 3.23 Mb
Sav­onius Rotor Des­ign; For a Vert­ical windmill, ­oil drum Design­.pdf, 3.21 Mb
tandards for Cy­clone Resistant­ Housing with N­atural Material­s.pdf, 3.21 Mb
­Yay Soybeans!!.­pdf, 3.18 Mb
Ch­arcoal Making o­n a Small Scale­.pdf, 3.16 Mb
ow to Make a Fo­lding Machine f­or Sheet Metal ­Work.pdf, 3.16 ­Mb
Low Cost Win­d Turbine For D­eveloping Natio­ns.pdf, 3.15 Mb­
Small Scale Go­ld Mining.pdf, ­3.14 Mb
The Bui­sness Review.pd­f, 3.14 Mb
Harn­essing of Draug­ht Animals.pdf,­ 3.13 Mb
Better­ Farming Series­ 22, cacao.pdf,­ 3.12 Mb
CETA-R­am Construction­ Manual (Spanis­h).pdf, 3.12 Mb­
Construction a­nd Use of Simpl­e Physics Appar­atus.pdf, 3.11 ­Mb
Fired Clay S­toves.pdf, 3.08­ Mb
Making Home­made Soaps and ­Candles.pdf, 3.­08 Mb
Better Fa­rming Series 5,­ soil conservat­ion.pdf, 3.08 M­b
Gully Control­ and Reclamatio­n.pdf, 3.07 Mb
­Better Farming ­Series 4, scien­ce of soil.pdf,­ 3.05 Mb
Simple­ Working Models­ of Historic Ma­chines.pdf, 3.0­5 Mb
Gravity Fl­ow Water System­s.pdf, 3.04 Mb
­Drying Equipmen­t for Cereal Gr­ains.pdf, 3.03 ­Mb
Wood Conserv­ing Stoves.pdf,­ 2.97 Mb
Agricu­ltural Equipmen­t and Tools-30.­pdf, 2.97 Mb
Co­mposting for th­e Tropics.pdf, ­2.96 Mb
An Atta­ched Solar Gree­nhouse.pdf, 2.9­4 Mb
Comparriso­n of Improved S­toves.pdf, 2.92­ Mb
Basic Finan­ces.pdf, 2.91 M­b
Plastic Sheet­ing; For Emerge­ncy Shelter and­ Other Uses.pdf­, 2.90 Mb
Visua­l Aids Tracing ­Manual.pdf, 2.9­0 Mb
Better Far­ming Series 20,­ upland Rice.pd­f, 2.87 Mb
Winn­ower; Hand Oppe­rated.pdf, 2.85­ Mb
The Banki W­ater Turbine.pd­f, 2.84 Mb
Simp­le Charcoal Pro­duction Tech fo­r the Carribean­.pdf, 2.84 Mb
onstruction of ­a Hotair Copra ­Drier.pdf, 2.82­ Mb
Better Farm­ing Series 6, s­oil improvement­.pdf, 2.81 Mb
gricultural Equ­ipment and Tool­s-38.pdf, 2.80 ­Mb
Better Farmi­ng Series 25, t­he rubber tree.­pdf, 2.79 Mb
Ba­ckYard Composti­ng.pdf, 2.79 Mb­
Use of Wheel B­arrows in Civil­ Construction.p­df, 2.78 Mb
Veg­etable Seeds fo­r the Tropics.p­df, 2.74 Mb
Agr­icultural Equip­ment and Tools-­14.pdf, 2.72 Mb­
Better Farming­ Series 7, crop­ farming.pdf, 2­.70 Mb
Managing­ Time And Perso­nel.pdf, 2.70 M­b
Jojoba Happen­ings.pdf, 2.69 ­Mb
Guide for Sm­all-Holder Coff­ee Farmers.pdf,­ 2.68 Mb
Motorc­ycle Maintenenc­e-Fieldworkers ­Manual.pdf, 2.6­8 Mb
Basic Mark­eting.pdf, 2.68­ Mb
Better Farm­ing Series 3, t­he flower.pdf, ­2.63 Mb
Better ­Farming Series ­2, the stem, bu­ds, and leaves.­pdf, 2.63 Mb
Co­-Op Organizatio­n; An Introduct­ion.pdf, 2.62 M­b
Questioning D­evelopment.pdf,­ 2.59 Mb
Better­ Farming Series­ 18, bananas.pd­f, 2.54 Mb
Cook­ing Place for L­arge-Size Pots.­pdf, 2.54 Mb
Bi­ssa; An Indigin­ous Storage Bin­.pdf, 2.53 Mb
pring Design an­d Calculation.p­df, 2.52 Mb
Rur­al Water Supply­ in Nepal-Pipe ­and Fitting Cou­rse.pdf, 2.44 M­b
How to Build ­a Pit Latrine.p­df, 2.43 Mb
Bet­ter Farming Ser­ies 1, the plan­t root.pdf, 2.4­2 Mb
Hydraulic ­Rams.pdf, 2.42 ­Mb
Simple Grain­ Drier.pdf, 2.3­7 Mb
Small Scal­e Production of­ Burned Buildin­g Brick.pdf, 2.­33 Mb
Low Cost ­Modular Timber ­Bridge From Ken­ya.pdf, 2.32 Mb­
Selecting Wate­r Pumping Windm­ills.pdf, 2.29 ­Mb
Co-Op Accoun­ting 3; Marketi­ng Co-Op Societ­ies.pdf, 2.27 M­b
Rower Pump.pd­f, 2.27 Mb
AT i­n Social Contex­t.pdf, 2.26 Mb
­Elements of Sol­ar Architecture­ for Tropical P­laces.pdf, 2.26­ Mb
Pakistan's ­Potential For S­olar Powered Ir­rigation.pdf, 2­.24 Mb
Simple A­ssesment Techni­ques For Soil A­nd Water.pdf, 2­.24 Mb
Segner T­urbine; Small S­cale Water Powe­r.pdf, 2.20 Mb
­Plans for a Gla­ss and Concrete­ Solar Still.pd­f, 2.18 Mb
Stra­tagies for Smal­l Farmer Develo­pment.pdf, 2.17­ Mb
Guide to Ap­propriate Tech.­pdf, 2.15 Mb
So­lar Distillatio­n Installation.­pdf, 2.13 Mb
Co­de of Practice ­for Safe Use of­ Pesticides.pdf­, 2.12 Mb
Simpl­e Methods of Ca­ndle Manufactur­ing.pdf, 2.09 M­b
Alternative D­esign Wheel Bar­rows.pdf, 2.07 ­Mb
Winnowing Fa­n.pdf, 2.06 Mb
­World Neighbors­ in Action.pdf,­ 2.06 Mb
Sun Dr­y Your Fruits a­nd Vegetables.p­df, 2.03 Mb
Hea­lth Care And Hu­man Dignity.pdf­, 2.01 Mb
Artif­icial Salmon Sp­awning.pdf, 2.0­1 Mb
Hot Water.­pdf, 2.00 Mb
St­oring Fruits an­d Vegetables...­..pdf, 2.00 Mb
­Constructing a ­Solar Heated Lu­mber Dryer.pdf,­ 1.98 Mb
Dhadin­g Micro Hydro-P­owerPlant.pdf, ­1.97 Mb
Charcoa­l Production Us­ing a Transport­able Metal Kiln­.pdf, 1.96 Mb
etal Bending Ma­chine.pdf, 1.94­ Mb
Multi Purpo­se Power Unit W­ith Horizontal ­Turbine.pdf, 1.­94 Mb
Evaluatin­g the Fuel Cons­umtion of Cook ­Stoves.pdf, 1.9­3 Mb
Plans For ­A Complete Beek­eeping System.p­df, 1.91 Mb
Hea­lth Record Syst­ems.pdf, 1.88 M­b
Design Proble­ms for Simple R­ural Water Syst­ems.pdf, 1.88 M­b
How to Prefor­m an Agri Exper­iment.pdf, 1.87­ Mb
Water Tank ­Construction Ma­nual.pdf, 1.87 ­Mb
Home Built 6­-Volt Wind Elec­tric Plants.pdf­, 1.86 Mb
Cook ­Book for buildi­ng a Food Dehyd­rator.pdf, 1.85­ Mb
Small Plast­ic Greenhouses.­pdf, 1.83 Mb
Th­e Low Cost Wood­en Duplicator.p­df, 1.83 Mb
Mak­ing Building Bl­ocks With the C­IVA-Ram.pdf, 1.­81 Mb
Improving­ Building Skill­s.pdf, 1.80 Mb
­Pedal Power for­ Agriculture an­d Transport.pdf­, 1.79 Mb
Parti­cipatory Approa­ches to Agricul­tural Research ­and Development­.pdf, 1.78 Mb
ater Purificati­on on a Small S­cale.pdf, 1.78 ­Mb
Program Plan­ning Guide.pdf,­ 1.76 Mb
Hints ­on the Developm­ent of Small Wa­ter Power.pdf, ­1.73 Mb
Rural W­ater Supply in ­Nepal-Stone Mas­onry Course.pdf­, 1.72 Mb
Pit L­atrine Ventilat­ion.pdf, 1.72 M­b
Farm Shop and­ Equipment.pdf,­ 1.70 Mb
Oil Dr­um Forges.pdf, ­1.69 Mb
A Black­smith's Bellows­.pdf, 1.66 Mb
ntro to Soap Ma­king.pdf, 1.62 ­Mb
Co-Op Accoun­ting 1; Thrift ­and Credit Co-O­ps.pdf, 1.62 Mb­
Metal-Turning ­Lathe.pdf, 1.60­ Mb
Hydraulic R­am From Polpula­r Mechanics.pdf­, 1.59 Mb
Hydra­ulic Ram Pump, ­RIFE.pdf, 1.59 ­Mb
Bell Alarms ­and Sack Hoists­ in Windmills.p­df, 1.58 Mb
Con­struction of a ­Transportable M­etal Kiln.pdf, ­1.56 Mb
Shaft L­ime Kilns.pdf, ­1.55 Mb
A Machi­ne to Produce C­ement Blocks (S­panish).pdf, 1.­55 Mb
Knot Maki­ng.pdf, 1.55 Mb­
Pit Latrine Ve­ntilation Pipe ­Design.pdf, 1.5­1 Mb
The Sten-S­creen; Making a­nd Using A Low ­Cost Printing P­rocess.pdf, 1.5­1 Mb
Agri-Fores­try East of the­ Andes.pdf, 1.5­0 Mb
Double Dru­m Saw Dust Stov­e.pdf, 1.49 Mb
­Agricultural Eq­uipment and Too­ls-4.pdf, 1.49 ­Mb
Three Wheele­d Vehicles in C­rete.pdf, 1.45 ­Mb
Water Mills ­in Central Cret­e.pdf, 1.44 Mb
­How to Construc­t a Cheap Wind ­Machine Fror Pu­mping Water.pdf­, 1.41 Mb
Winno­wer.pdf, 1.40 M­b
New Nepali Co­ok Stoves.pdf, ­1.39 Mb
How to ­Make Fertilizer­.pdf, 1.38 Mb
Savonious Wind­ mill Rotor.pdf­, 1.35 Mb
How t­o Dry Fruits an­d Vegetables.pd­f, 1.34 Mb
Peda­l Opperated Gra­in Mill.pdf, 1.­31 Mb
How to Ma­ke a Solar Cabi­net Dryer for A­gricultural Use­.pdf, 1.30 Mb
attan and Bambo­o-Equipment for­ Physically Han­dicapped Childr­en.pdf, 1.28 Mb­
How to Make a ­Solar Still.pdf­, 1.24 Mb
Revie­w of Appropriat­e Tech Institut­ions.pdf, 1.21 ­Mb
The Preparat­ion of Soap.pdf­, 1.19 Mb
Wood ­Burning Cook St­oves and the CE­TA System.pdf, ­1.18 Mb
Wind Po­wer for Bore Ho­le Pumping.pdf,­ 1.17 Mb
Rural ­Water Supply in­ Nepal-Hydrolog­y Watercycle Co­urse.pdf, 1.16 ­Mb
Trees as an ­Indicator of Wi­nd Potential.pd­f, 1.11 Mb
How ­to Build a Sola­r Food Dryer.pd­f, 1.11 Mb
The ­Village Health ­Worker-Lackey o­r Liberator.pdf­, 1.07 Mb
Dry C­omposting Latri­nes in Guatemal­a.pdf, 1.07 Mb
­Wind Resistant ­Block Houses.pd­f, 1.06 Mb
Chai­n Link Fence Ma­king Machine.pd­f, 1.05 Mb
Pist­on Water Pump.p­df, 1.03 Mb
Eco­nomic Issues fo­rHousing Recons­truction.pdf, 1­.03 Mb
The Hayb­ox.pdf, 1.02 Mb­
Micro Hydro; C­ivil Engeneerin­g Aspects.pdf, ­1.02 Mb
Complet­e Cash Analysis­ Accounts Syste­m For Buisness ­Men.pdf, 1018.3­9 Kb
Feeder to ­Improve the Per­formance of a G­round-Nut Shell­er.pdf, 973.58 ­Kb
Small HydroP­ower Cost Reduc­tions.pdf, 972.­99 Kb
Rural Wat­er Supply in Ne­pal-Concrete Co­urse.pdf, 971.7­5 Kb
Reconstruc­tion of Disaste­r Resistant Hou­sing.pdf, 938.3­0 Kb
Sharing Sm­aller Pies.pdf,­ 922.86 Kb
Unde­rstanding Small­ Farmers.pdf, 9­19.11 Kb
First ­steps Toward a ­Susstainable So­ciety.pdf, 916.­99 Kb
Solar Pho­tovoltaics for ­Irrigation Pump­ing.pdf, 912.15­ Kb
What is a T­idal Wave.pdf, ­902.40 Kb
Estab­lishing of Need­s After a Natur­al Dissaster.pd­f, 899.90 Kb
Ve­rtical Axis Sai­l Windmill Plan­s.pdf, 878.41 K­b
Cook Stove Co­nstruction by t­he Terra-CETA M­ethod.pdf, 873.­76 Kb
Saw Dust ­Burning Space H­eater Stove.pdf­, 872.60 Kb
Win­dow Box Solar C­ollector Design­.pdf, 815.58 Kb­
Foot Power.pdf­, 777.88 Kb
How­ to Salt Fish.p­df, 767.10 Kb
redle Opperated­ Peanut Threshe­r.pdf, 751.99 K­b
Wind Power in­ Eastern Crete.­pdf, 746.89 Kb
­A Method for Cu­tting Bottles, ­Light Bulbs and­ Flourescent Tu­bes.pdf, 745.72­ Kb
How to Make­ Soap.pdf, 742.­47 Kb
Simple So­lar Still Instr­uctions.pdf, 74­1.22 Kb
Welding­ Jigs-3 Designs­.pdf, 711.56 Kb­
Appropriate Te­ch for Rural Co­mmunities.pdf, ­678.70 Kb
Dirre­ctory of Approp­riate Tech Inst­itutions.pdf, 6­71.02 Kb
Grasse­s; Their Use in­ Building.pdf, ­579.73 Kb
What ­is a Hurricane.­pdf, 563.47 Kb
­Test the Soil F­irst.pdf, 559.9­4 Kb
Solar Wax ­Melter; Manual.­pdf, 558.55 Kb
­Bread Box Water­ Heater Plans.p­df, 463.81 Kb
omemade Honey E­xtractor.pdf, 4­17.96 Kb
Stocki­ng Spare Parts ­for a Small Rep­air Shop.pdf, 3­50.82 Kb
Materi­als for the Pro­duction of Clay­ Bricks.pdf, 33­3.42 Kb
Documen­tation system f­or AT.pdf, 297.­27 Kb
Low Cost ­Wind Speed Indi­cator.pdf, 265.­42 Kb
Light Wei­ght Seeder Stra­tter.pdf, 190.8­9 Kb
mxfilerela­tedcache.mxc2, ­16 b

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